Fyra Paws Healing Collar: Citrine

🐶 Energy and Joy

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Color: Blue Collar
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  • Promotes Abundance and Joy, enhancing a pet's overall happiness.
  • Boosts Vitality, reducing concerns about energy levels and pet lethargy.
  • Enhances Playfulness, making exercise and activity enjoyable.
  • Boosts Confidence, helping timid or shy pets become more outgoing.

Hear from Our Loyal Supporters

Chloe Z.

Stylish and Strong, Thanks to Fyra Paws!

I didn't think a collar could make a difference, but Fyra Paws proved me wrong! My dog seems happier, and man, does he look cool. The collar is super well-made, shipped fast, and is the most stylish one at the dog park.

Lucas W.

Fyra Paws Makes My Dog Feel Young Again!

My older dog has a new spring in his step with his Crystal Collar from Fyra Paws. It’s tough enough for all the playing we do, and it was here before we knew it. Seeing him this lively is just the best.

Eric W.

My Dog’s New Favorite!

Since we got the Fyra Paws crystal collar, my dog seems more energetic. The collar is top quality and survived our games, no problem. Plus, it got here faster than I expected!

Nina J.


Fyra Paws crystal collar has brought such good vibes to my dog's life. It’s super durable and looks great. Plus, the quick shipping was a huge plus!

Sam R.

Fyra Paws Collar for the Win!

My dog's energy has been off the charts since we got our Fyra Paws collar. It's made really well, and it didn’t even take long to arrive. He's been the center of attention at the dog park ever since!

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